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Just like Singapore or Melaka, the island Penang played an important role in Malaysia's economy since many many years - a fact that is still visible today in the many impressive houses in the city.

The clocktower in Georgetown was built to honour the Queen Victoria - and remembers today of the days of colonial times.

The coast along the state Kedah are very muddy. No joy for one who seeks a beach - but a lot of joy for the many fishermen, because the fish love the mud!

Back in Malaysia:
At the royal palace in Alor Setar we are surprised by the mixture of Thai and Malaysian style in its architecture.

The Lotus flower: a real beauty within the Asian flora.

Nowhere did we see so many snakes like in Thailand. And sometimes they invited themselves straight to our home!

In the bay of Phang Nga hundreds of rocks stick their top out of the sea - and form as many little islands. Some of them became famous: this one featured in on of the films with "James Bond" - and inherited the name of the hero.

We can't resist the wonderful beaches at the east coast of Thailand and enjoy a dip in the turquoise waters.

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