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Back to the presence!
After twenty month far from Europe we are back between friends and family. Although our plane arrives at 4:30 am, the welcome-committee is already there and the seeing-again is quite moving!
A big "Thank you" to everybody who came to see us today!

A last picture in Asia ...
Even if the airport in Kuala Lumpur looks a bit surrealistic, the plane the takes us to Europe is very real!

Kuala Lumpur, City of thousand lights!
To celebrate our good-bye, we enjoy a dinner 250 metres above the city at the revolving restaurant in the Menara KL and are delighted by the view over the lights.

With heavy hearts we pack Gypsy a last time into a container. In a few days he takes the ship for the long way home!

Life awakes every evening in the small streets around Butik Bintang. We stroll along the many foodstalls and choose a new delicious restaurant every night!

The lights of KL shine forever:
The National Mosqueá!

We don't know much about the tower at Teluk Intan - but it is proof that there are more leaning towers than the one in Pisa!

Between the colonial houses in Georgetown we find Chinese palaces. the Kongsi - built by rich Chinese families - are still used as meeting houses by the whole clan.

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