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For sure we are our main sponsors.

But during our travels, some friends - long-known and newly-found ones - decided to support us. We thank them very much for that!
Maybe you would also like to add a share to our happiness?
Write us a short e-mail, you bring us joy for sure!

With funding of the replacement of our camera to continue shooting pictures for this website the following friends supported us: Sabine, Danielle, Sylke, Pierre, Miriam and Nikolaus, David and Barbara, Marlies, Boris, Karin, Max, Maurice et Louise, Olivier, Viviane, Jocelyne, Alain-GÚrard, Michi and Iris, Christelle, Elisabeth, Charlotte, Milla, Angie, Susanne, J÷rg. And maybe you?
Michael Waldmann really put some efforts into providing us some T-shirts, sweatshirts and other surprises. Unfortunately his big parcel did not make the way up to us - it seems to take "Poste Restante" serious. Nevertheless we thank him for investing so much time and money!

Landrover Malaysia absorbed the costs for servicing our Defender, on which we rely quite heavily.

The Landrover Owners Club Malaysia gave us a new look with T-shirts and caps of their club.

Andreas and Marcus saved over months to pay for us hotel and food during our stay in Bali.
The Christmas present of families Marty/Mocquart/Rittener was a weekend in a cosy flat and delicious visits to restaurants at Bicheno, Tasmania.

The mother of Vanessa and the father of Hansjörg supported us financially with our equipment.

The Peter Meyer publishers (Frankfurt am Main, - specialised in travel guides - gave us the two volumes of their Selbstreise-Handbuch